Bingo Rules and Strategies

We hope you know the game Bingo. It’s a hit since many decades. The birth of bingo dates back to 1530, in Italy when a lottery game led to this game.Bingo is a game, pretty popular played in casinos and other few places too. Earlier it was available in bingo halls at casinos. Now, you have bingo even on the smartphone, with online casinos and online gaming and gambling sites.

Well, a word about bingo. Bingo is basically a game of chance. Bingo is played in two ways- one Land based bingo game and another one online bingo. Be it whichever mode, Bingo is a real fun game to be played. While playing bingo, you get to meet many players all at a time, you play all together. So each one has the excitement as to who gets which number and wins the game!

At the land based Bingo. Here, first you must find a bingo hall, and get a card. The game host says eyes down- which means the game starts. Then he calls out different numbers, randomly. The numbers are chosen from the bingo balls or picked using a Random Number Generator (RNG). Each player matches pre-printed cards with numbers on a 5*5 card and starts matching the host.

If all the numbers match in a row, then he calls out Bingo! The venue decides on the game continuity, its rules and ways. Players compete against each other to win the prize with highest number of matches. Online Bingo is also similar to the land. You need to find a site, get into a bingo room (a window). Then the remaining procedure is the same, a host calls a number randomly.

You keep checking and circle the one on your card, and all match in a row, you click Bingo! Only the rules and terms of play vary. It varies from site to site.

So, that was a brief description about the game. Let’s see the rules and strategy involved in the game to stand a chance to win.

Though the game playing method is the same, rules are different at each Casinos and other land based bingo gaming places. The same applies to online sites.

The game method remains same while the rules governing the game might differ from each site. So, you must read the rules that are put up in the Bingo hall

or bingo room,playing method is the same wherever you are.Ensure that you know the rules and then sit to play. The same applies to online sites.

We are giving the general rules that suit most of the places, justIt varies from site to keep you informed even before you enter.

Bingo Rules

  • There is no permission for audiences inside the bingo hall. Don’t plan to stand next to your friend, watch them and then play. Only players are permitted inside the hall, nobody else.
  • A caller cannot be changed at any circumstance. You have to be fully concentrating on the game. You can’t scream out loud asking to repeat the number and cannot do that always too.
  • If you need the caller to repeat a number, ask politely.But, don’t make it a habit too, as they won’t encourage it every time. It disturbs the other players who are just hooked up.
  • Do not repeat the number for you too, loudly. If you want to remember the numbers, keep them at your heads, not on your lips. Don’t you remember it. It is not acceptable.
  • You can’t exit and enter as per your wish. If you need to pee or take a smoke, do it before you get into the hall. You are not allowed to exit the hall when the play is on.
  • There are certain winning patterns to yell out Bingo! Find them and then start the game. That includes Line pattern, two lines and full house.

Bingo Strategy

As we said already, Bingo is a game of chance. You can’t predict the outcome as the numbers are picked randomly and no one knows it how. And there is no fixed strategy of the game for you to have a winning hand. The past results also won’t help you in getting your card a sing bingo. There are few tips to increase your winning chance.

  • The more the number of bingo cards, you stand a chance to win.
  • Be watchful of all the cards you buy.
  • Pick the cards carefully, without much common numbers.
  • Join a hall with fewer players; don’t go in for an overcrowded place